Your Guide to Catching the Ultimate Sports fish.

Come and experience the beautiful flats and pristine waters, where fishing is a dream made in heaven!

Out Island Excursions is a company of experienced local Bonefishing Guides led by two-time National and Local Champion ‘JJ’ Allan Dames.

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Our Services

Although Bonefishing is our primary service we also offer several other options to suit your desires.


They live in a world of flickered mirage, in the fractal sheering of Bahamian light dancing on bright sand in shallow water. In a place without shade, they are shadows: You see them when they are not there, and when they are, you do not.

Permit Fishing

Although rarer than the vaunted bonefish, the permit is every bit its equal.

Reef Fishing and Snorkeling

If flats fishing isn’t your thing, we can also treat you to a great experience of bottom fishing or snorkeling around the beautiful reefs of Exuma.

Latest News

The latest news from the Flats and Exuma itself.